• There are many methods of producing various smut and we decided the structure of the carbon black produced. Production processes oldest black coal from lamp soot (lampack) in 1830. In particular, high aromatic oil content is burned in the cast iron pan to form carbon black particles have relatively large diameters.
  • Tablets sawdust is a form of bio-fuels derived from biomass material replacement for fuel combustion in industries such as coal, oil, FO, Gas and other fossil fuels. Sawdust after being dried to the appropriate moisture content is put into the system presses with high pressure tablets for the staff uniform shape.
  • From time immemorial mankind has used simple tools to create a quality "salt". Over many centuries, people have studied the effects of activated carbon is not only about technical characteristics, but also in economic terms.
  • The main material is collected sawdust from wood sawing factory. Guaranteed fresh wood not impregnated through chemicals. Raw materials are mixed at the rate of 30% + 70% wood hardwood average.