Charcoal production method

The method for producing carbon black

There are many methods of producing various smut and we decided the structure of the carbon black produced. Production processes oldest black coal from lamp soot (lampack) in 1830. In particular, high aromatic oil content is burned in the cast iron pan to form carbon black particles have relatively large diameters. Then, channel black is produced by incomplete combustion of natural gas in the airless environment. This type of black charcoal susceptible to oxidation and surface oxygen groups created to channel black acidic, slow speed networking of rubber mixtures. Currently, channel black type is produced very limited.


Today, most of reinforcing carbon black produced by the combustion of oil in the furnace, furnace carbon black (furnace black). In the burner, natural gas is burned completely, creating a very high temperature. Aromatic hydrocarbon raw materials in air and air mist is conveyed through the burner in a very short period to constitute individual black carbon particles, very small. Then, they collide and stick together, forming black coal block capacitors. By changing the operating conditions such as speed imported raw materials, natural gas and air, cool location can form different structures of black coal. The process then creates pellets into tablets too hard or too soft not to be easily transported and dispersed when officers mixed. Black coal furnace (furnace black) with low oxygen content and neutral surface, does not slow the speed of the network to process rubber vulcanization

Posted by: DangChung Kien